9 Interesting Uses For Drumsticks ... When You're Not Drumming.

Posted on October 23, 2016 by Rita Liebel | 124 Comments

Playing the drums is incredibly enjoyable, and many drummers are incomplete without their drumsticks. It doesn’t take long until you want to take your sticks everywhere. Whether you’re a professional drummer, casual drummer or not a drummer, there are many interesting uses for drumsticks when you’re not playing the drums or practicing on your pad. If you have the drumsticks with you anyway, why not find some creative uses for them?

Here are a NINE interesting uses that we’ve come up with: 
  1. Mimic a conductor and get the full effect in front of your friends and family while listening to music… or lip sync to your favorite song, using a drumstick as the microphone.
  2. Mixer: Perfect if you don’t want to use your bare hands to mix or stir your ingredients.
  3. Ring holder: secure your drumstick to a base and this would be a perfect way to safely hold your rings.
  4. Toilet paper support: secure your drumstick to a base or partially bury it vertically in a potholder full of river rocks or gravel, and voila… a toilet paper holder!
  5. Plant support: If you want to guide your plants/flowers to grow vertically, drumsticks can work well for this.
  6. Party games: “Spin the Drumstick” as the modern take on “Spin the Bottle” from the old days. =)
  7. Wind chimes: Hang a few drumsticks on a frame, and you've got yourself a percussion-themed wind chime … the sounds are unique and it makes a creative conversation piece.
  8. Snowman decoration: Drumsticks make perfect arms when building a snowman!
  9. Weapon: This seems obvious, but even more reason to carry your sticks wherever you go, right??? You never know when you need to fend off a bad guy!

I think we can all agree that the BEST use of drumsticks is PLAYING the drums! ;) ... but it was fun thinking of other uses, too! 

Please comment below if you have other unique or interesting uses for drumsticks when you’re not playing the drums. I would love to hear more ideas!

To my fellow drummers: I would be very interested to know your favorite drumsticks for gigging. Which size/brand do you use?

And for those of you who are not (yet) drummers: Give it a try it sometime… it’s a lot of fun!

Here are some cool bags that hold your drumsticks, too!

Rock on!
With love + style,

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6 Reasons Why Wearing Vests Will Increase Your Productivity

Posted on July 27, 2016 by Rita Liebel | 5 Comments

What you wear reflects your personality and influences how you feel. What you choose to wear significantly impacts your mood, self-confidence and how others perceive you.

    ~ If you look lazy, you’ll feel lazy and be perceived as lazy.
    ~ If you look like a rockstar, you’ll feel like a rockstar and be perceived as a rockstar.

    Don’t underestimate the importance your clothing selection! 

    The vest is a hip and modern fashion statement for anyone. It’s a great alternative to wearing a blazer or upscaling a basic outfit. Here are 6 reasons why wearing vests will increase your productivity:

    1. Polishes off a basic look… boost the look of classic jeans + tee, or jazz up your skirt + blouse
    2. Adds style & personality to your outfit … perceived as innovative & boosts self-confidence
    3. More comfortable and more hip than a suit or blazer… comfort = happiness
    4. Boosts your mood … you look good, so you feel good
    5. One vest provides various looks …they can be worn open or closed, with a blouse, tee or tank
    6. Edgy, creative look/image…. boosts attitude and positive energy.

      Not only do vests add style and interest to any basic outfit, but they also polish off any look, whether it be casual, in an office, or on stage. With many fashion designers embracing the menswear-inspired trend, there is a wide variety of unique designs to choose from for any style or setting. I strongly suggest that you consider adding a few to your wardrobe! Check out the Überolo Vest Collection for some ideas! Have fun and be creative! =)

      With love + style,


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      Bag It, Dude!

      Posted on March 26, 2016 by Rita Liebel | 7 Comments


      Greetings Dudes!

      Style & fashion have evolved significantly, especially with men's fashion and accessories. On the streets of any city and all over the media, you see a wide range of trends that makes some wonder how these style ideas catch on. One such accessory that has become an integral part of stylish urban dwellers is the “dude bag”, which once upon time, was considered to be an immediate style killer. But nowadays, “dude bags” have been modernized to meet the functional needs of the present day generation (GenX’ers + GenY’ers). If you look at the current selection of bags available for guys, you might just want to own one of them right away. In addition to being functional, they are way more cool looking.

      DudeBags2Dude bags have gained popularity rather exponentially and this has given designers the challenge to come up with unique designs that sync well with the tastes and lifestyles of the modern guy. How much does style matter to you? Do you care about how you look and about the accessories you carry? (I’m guessing yes.) Then you shouldn’t waste any time in adopting this new trend in urban lifestyle. You might ask yourself, "Do I really need one?" YES, because now you don’t have to worry about finding a bag that is both cool looking and functional, you just need to decide which one(s) you want!

      If you want to see a functional bag design, go check out Überolo's Sling Bag Features
      of the NYC , BOSTON and SAN FRANCISCO Sling Bags.


      With love + style,


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      Made in the USA vs. Made Offshore

      Posted on September 21, 2015 by Rita Liebel | 27 Comments

      All Überolo products are currently being made in the USA.

      This would please those in the many movements that encourage consumers to by products made in the USA to help job growth and keep jobs in the USA.

      Although I’m proud to have all Überolo products (clothing + bags) manufactured in the USA, I do understand why other companies have their products manufactured offshore.

      It all comes down to the bottom line: the labor rates are much lower in other countries than in America, which means lower retail costs for the consumer. Everyone wins, right? Well … except the American factories that had to close down because they can’t compete with the offshore labor rates... and their employees who then find themselves without a job.

      It’s hard to tell Americans to buy only American-made products if they can find the same or similar product for a fraction of the price, but made in offshore. The reality is that many of us have been exposed to imported products sitting on the same shelves as similar American-made products, but much less expensive. If the 2 products look almost exactly the same (which is typically the case with common items such as t-shirts, socks, & bags), then the average consumer will purchase the less expensive item. Why buy the more expensive item if they look exactly the same?

      Do you make decisions on your purchases based on where the products are made?

      Do you buy exclusively American or does that not even factor into your purchasing decisions?

      Would you pay more for a product made in the USA than for an otherwise identical product that is made in another country?

      This is the first of many articles on this subject matter. I do have much more to write about on this. As a new/small business, it’s been a challenge finding American factories to manufacture our products since so many have closed or moved offshore. But in the meantime…

                                                                      …I would love to hear your thoughts on this …


      With love + style,

      Rita + Überolo

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      Naming the styles in the Überolo collection ...

      Posted on May 10, 2015 by Rita Liebel | 1 Comment

      As we get closer to the launch and announcing the first styles that will be available for purchase, I've been asked about how I came up with the names of the styles in the collection. I've also been asked which came first, the design or the name of each style?

      For my first collection, the designs came first.  I didn't officially name the pieces until I was setting up the online store and realized how boring it would be to just use the style numbers I assigned to each piece during the production process. I also didn't want to give a generic name to the pieces, like "dark brown vest with 2 buckles". I decided that since I put so much thought and care into designing & making each piece, I should put some personal thought into naming them as well.

      The LUKA Vest was the very first piece my collection. It was a vest I made for myself: I wanted a cool-looking vest that was flattering, fit well, had unique hardware and I could wear dressed up or dressed down yet still feel put-together and comfortable. I loved this vest the moment I finished it and put it on. This vest inspired me to create a collection. This vest was my "firstborn" of my first collection... a very important and special piece for me. LUKA is the name I chose for this vest, the name I fell in love with as a kid from the first time I heard the song "Luka", by Suzanne Vega. The simplicity and beauty of her voice and the lyrics... I love this song and although I didn't really understand the meaning of the song at the time, it somehow felt "real" and powerful to me. The name LUKA, to me, represented an independent, strong and beautiful individual. I always knew that I wanted to name my firstborn Luka (whether a girl or boy) ... well, I never had a child, but I consider this vest the "firstborn" of my first collection. Here is the song "Luka" if you've never heard it.

      The CAMILLE Jacket was the first jacket in my collection. The name Camille is another name that I fell in love with as soon as I heard it.  I was on my first big vacation after college ... a week at a beach in Barbados. As I hung out at the beach, I observed these 2 adorable British kids (brother & sister around 6-8 yrs old) playing on the beach & hotel grounds. The little girl was adorable, sweet & feisty all at the same time. Wearing sandals, a dress and a cute hat while running around on the beach, teasing and playing games with her brother. She often said to her brother, "You're such a wally!".  A wally is a British slang for "idiot/nerd/dork"! I laughed every time I heard her say that (which was quite often)... I didn't know what it meant at the time, but from the tone of her voice, I knew it was something along those lines. I loved this little girl's spirit and attitude. To me, the name Camille represents femininity, ease and confidence ... that's the CAMILLE Jacket.

      The rest of my collection is named after a group of women who inspired me from the first time I met them at a ladies drum camp - they are my drum sisters. Each one of them is so special to me: caring, independent, talented, strong, smart and beautiful inside + out. I've spent quality time with them drumming, laughing, sharing stories... bonding. They embody so much of what I envisioned as Überolo. Several pieces in this collection and upcoming styles share the names of my drum sisters: Rikki, Katie, Sarah, Cathy, Joanna (JoJo), Emma, Brenae, Christine & Vida.

      I hope you enjoy the collection. =)

      With love + style,


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      Überolo Bag Designs: Form + Function Unite

      Posted on March 07, 2015 by Rita Liebel | 6 Comments

      We're excited about the upcoming launch of the Überolo Bag Collection! We've received many positive comments and interest in our bags. There have also been questions about how each design functions. So, in response, I put together a video demonstrating the features of the 2 different bags designs (click on links):  the SLING BAG (video) and STICK CASE (video). There was a lot of thought put into the design of each bag.  A few things I'd like to point out:

          • These bags are all about function: there are no gratuitous ornamentation or doodads ... every compartment was designed to serve a function to help keep things organized.
          • All compartments are accessible from the exterior of the bag. There are no interior hidden pockets that are difficult to see or access.
          • The adjustable/removable strap allows you to wear the sling bag various ways... or don't use it at all, because there's a removable top handle, too.
          • Oh, and there's a slot for pens, but can also fit 2 drumsticks perfectly... hmmmmmm, coincidence??? Nope, the slot on the front of the bag was actually designed specifically for a pair of drum sticks, but can serve to hold pens if you're not a drummer... or a scale if you're an architect, engineer or somesuch.
          • There are 2 sling bag designs: the NYC BAG and the BOSTON BAG (photos coming soon)
          • The ÜBER STICK CASE also has a removable/adjustable shoulder strap. Wear it slung over your shoulder or not ... whatever works for you.
          • The stick case holds up to 4 sticks perfectly... and a drum key. The essentials ... that's it. Sleek design... über cool.
              Okay, go check out the vidoes links here: Über Stick Case Video  & Sling Bag Video

              With love + style,


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              ... pre-launch craziness ... Über excitement!!!

              Posted on January 20, 2015 by Rita Liebel | 3 Comments

              It's been quite a year ... designing, prototyping, making samples, photo shoots, finding manufacturers, re-sampling, more photo shoots, marketing, building website, setting up online store, social media blitzes, newsletters, graphic designs for labels & tags, coordinating production, unpacking/hanging, making video demos, assembling/packaging... and there's so much more, but you get the picture!  Anyway... it's been a lot of hard work, lots of learning and long nights building Überolo, and we are proud to announce ...



              As the garments arrived I personally inspected each and every piece, inside and out to check the workmanship, quality and zipper/buckle functions.  I am happy to say that I am very happy with everything that has arrived. The quality of the materials and construction of each piece is beautiful.... I can't wait for you all to see for yourselves!

              We're still waiting for 2 more styles to arrive any day now (the RIKKI VEST and JOJO VEST).

              Just a few more things to get set up and tested on the site before we GO LIVE tomorrow, Dec. 21st at 6pm (EST)!!! Why 6pm, you ask??? Well, I'm a person of my word, and early on I promised that we'd launch in late Fall 2014 ... it is officially fall until tomorrow, December 21, 2014 @ 6:03pm (EST). Therefore, I WILL be keeping my promise to you all and I feel very proud about that, especially considering the many setbacks and challenges that we faced along the way! I thank you all for your patience and keeping updated on our ÜBERTHINGS!

              Much peace to you all and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!  I can't wait to share with you our plans for this year!!!

              with love + style,

              Rita + Überolo

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