6 Reasons Why Wearing Vests Will Increase Your Productivity

Posted on July 27, 2016 by Rita Liebel | 5 Comments

What you wear reflects your personality and influences how you feel. What you choose to wear significantly impacts your mood, self-confidence and how others perceive you.

    ~ If you look lazy, you’ll feel lazy and be perceived as lazy.
    ~ If you look like a rockstar, you’ll feel like a rockstar and be perceived as a rockstar.

    Don’t underestimate the importance your clothing selection! 

    The vest is a hip and modern fashion statement for anyone. It’s a great alternative to wearing a blazer or upscaling a basic outfit. Here are 6 reasons why wearing vests will increase your productivity:

    1. Polishes off a basic look… boost the look of classic jeans + tee, or jazz up your skirt + blouse
    2. Adds style & personality to your outfit … perceived as innovative & boosts self-confidence
    3. More comfortable and more hip than a suit or blazer… comfort = happiness
    4. Boosts your mood … you look good, so you feel good
    5. One vest provides various looks …they can be worn open or closed, with a blouse, tee or tank
    6. Edgy, creative look/image…. boosts attitude and positive energy.

      Not only do vests add style and interest to any basic outfit, but they also polish off any look, whether it be casual, in an office, or on stage. With many fashion designers embracing the menswear-inspired trend, there is a wide variety of unique designs to choose from for any style or setting. I strongly suggest that you consider adding a few to your wardrobe! Check out the Überolo Vest Collection for some ideas! Have fun and be creative! =)

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