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As we get closer to the launch and announcing the first styles that will be available for purchase, I've been asked about how I came up with the names of the styles in the collection. I've also been asked which came first, the design or the name of each style?

For my first collection, the designs came first.  I didn't officially name the pieces until I was setting up the online store and realized how boring it would be to just use the style numbers I assigned to each piece during the production process. I also didn't want to give a generic name to the pieces, like "dark brown vest with 2 buckles". I decided that since I put so much thought and care into designing & making each piece, I should put some personal thought into naming them as well.

The LUKA Vest was the very first piece my collection. It was a vest I made for myself: I wanted a cool-looking vest that was flattering, fit well, had unique hardware and I could wear dressed up or dressed down yet still feel put-together and comfortable. I loved this vest the moment I finished it and put it on. This vest inspired me to create a collection. This vest was my "firstborn" of my first collection... a very important and special piece for me. LUKA is the name I chose for this vest, the name I fell in love with as a kid from the first time I heard the song "Luka", by Suzanne Vega. The simplicity and beauty of her voice and the lyrics... I love this song and although I didn't really understand the meaning of the song at the time, it somehow felt "real" and powerful to me. The name LUKA, to me, represented an independent, strong and beautiful individual. I always knew that I wanted to name my firstborn Luka (whether a girl or boy) ... well, I never had a child, but I consider this vest the "firstborn" of my first collection. Here is the song "Luka" if you've never heard it.

The CAMILLE Jacket was the first jacket in my collection. The name Camille is another name that I fell in love with as soon as I heard it.  I was on my first big vacation after college ... a week at a beach in Barbados. As I hung out at the beach, I observed these 2 adorable British kids (brother & sister around 6-8 yrs old) playing on the beach & hotel grounds. The little girl was adorable, sweet & feisty all at the same time. Wearing sandals, a dress and a cute hat while running around on the beach, teasing and playing games with her brother. She often said to her brother, "You're such a wally!".  A wally is a British slang for "idiot/nerd/dork"! I laughed every time I heard her say that (which was quite often)... I didn't know what it meant at the time, but from the tone of her voice, I knew it was something along those lines. I loved this little girl's spirit and attitude. To me, the name Camille represents femininity, ease and confidence ... that's the CAMILLE Jacket.

The rest of my collection is named after a group of women who inspired me from the first time I met them at a ladies drum camp - they are my drum sisters. Each one of them is so special to me: caring, independent, talented, strong, smart and beautiful inside + out. I've spent quality time with them drumming, laughing, sharing stories... bonding. They embody so much of what I envisioned as Überolo. Several pieces in this collection and upcoming styles share the names of my drum sisters: Rikki, Katie, Sarah, Cathy, Joanna (JoJo), Emma, Brenae, Christine & Vida.

I hope you enjoy the collection. =)

With love + style,


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