Made in the USA vs. Made Offshore

Posted on September 21, 2015 by Rita Liebel | 27 Comments

All Überolo products are currently being made in the USA.

This would please those in the many movements that encourage consumers to by products made in the USA to help job growth and keep jobs in the USA.

Although I’m proud to have all Überolo products (clothing + bags) manufactured in the USA, I do understand why other companies have their products manufactured offshore.

It all comes down to the bottom line: the labor rates are much lower in other countries than in America, which means lower retail costs for the consumer. Everyone wins, right? Well … except the American factories that had to close down because they can’t compete with the offshore labor rates... and their employees who then find themselves without a job.

It’s hard to tell Americans to buy only American-made products if they can find the same or similar product for a fraction of the price, but made in offshore. The reality is that many of us have been exposed to imported products sitting on the same shelves as similar American-made products, but much less expensive. If the 2 products look almost exactly the same (which is typically the case with common items such as t-shirts, socks, & bags), then the average consumer will purchase the less expensive item. Why buy the more expensive item if they look exactly the same?

Do you make decisions on your purchases based on where the products are made?

Do you buy exclusively American or does that not even factor into your purchasing decisions?

Would you pay more for a product made in the USA than for an otherwise identical product that is made in another country?

This is the first of many articles on this subject matter. I do have much more to write about on this. As a new/small business, it’s been a challenge finding American factories to manufacture our products since so many have closed or moved offshore. But in the meantime…

                                                                …I would love to hear your thoughts on this …


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