About Us

Ü B E R O L O   S T O R Y

Überolo was founded in 2014 by Rita Liebel, CEO + Designer. Rita's philosophy on design and fashion is allowing oneself the freedom in expressing imagination and personal style. Everyone has their own individual life story resulting from their circumstances, choices and influences. We should celebrate the freedom to tell our story in our own personal way ... whether it be through fashion, music, photography or any other creative means.

What is the meaning behind the name überolo? Rita created the word by combining:

über (super) + solo (unique individual) = überolo (super unique individual)

Überolo is all about the modern, urban artist... the super unique individual.





A B O U T   T H E   D E S I G N E R




As Rita was learning how to sew in her spare time seven years ago, she realized how much freedom she had in creating her own fit and personal style. As a professional architect and gigging drummer, Rita imagined a collection of apparel and accessories that personified her design sensitivities of function, fit and style, while simultaneously expressing uniqueness, artfulness and edge. So she created her own collection of bags, vests, hats and specialty bags for drummers.

Rita focuses on the functionality and details of construction on all of her designs, with every pocket, buckle and zipper being carefully considered. Her inspirations come from her love of music, art, architecture and travel - expressed by blending unique materials, colors, textures and hardware throughout the collection. Each piece was designed to add a bold statement to your own personal style, and make you feel awesome. 

Rita formed Überolo with this in mind: be ü ... because ü rock.