ÜBEROLO Testimonials

“My Überolo NYC Bag is amazing! When it arrived it was like opening up a beautiful present and I immediately emptied my purse and filled the bag with all my necessities. Each pocket fits all my stuff perfectly and now I feel so organized when I leave the house. The side pocket holds much more than I thought it would. I can fit 2 large wallets, a change purse, check book and another small bag without any problems. Still plenty of room for my gloves, hat etc. I'm über impressed with the quality and everywhere I go people ask me, "Where did you get that bag!?" I highly recommend the überolo NYC bag!”                            ~Erika N., Chicago, IL


"My new ÜBER STICK CASE came in this week! I got to use if for the first time! Love it! Coolest drummerswag & gear I've ever seen.    ~Katie P., Sacramento, CA









“I just bought my BOSTON BAG, and used it at a three-day trade show.  Wow, it was awesome!  As a guy, most of my options have always been big, bulky backpacks, but this thing ROCKS!  It's lightweight, and when you're hoofing around a trade floor for three days, it makes a difference.  Pocket in the front for business card was a definite plus, as well as the spot for pens and the full size iPad compartment.  Everything was easy to get to, I really like having a separate zipper pockets for my notepad and phone - secure and convenient.  A LOT of people noticed and asked about the bagthe leather finish, hardware, and overall quality are outstanding. Good job!”
  ~ C. Max, Oakland, CA



“Just wanted to share my new favorite thing: my
ÜBER STICK CASE. (I got the orange one.) They are designed by my drum sister Rita Liebel and I just love it. It's the perfect size to hold two pairs of sticks and a key. Not only is it functional, it is so cool looking. I feel like Katniss Everdeen when I wear it slung across my back!”  
  ~ Lisa W., Folsom, CA




Just got a KILLER gift from one of my students. It holds three pairs of sticks which is all I need for my clinics and gigs."
   ~ Mike Johnston, Folsom, CA









“My new SAN FRANCISCO BAG is gorgeous
I can hardly wait to go to a conference and show it off!”
  ~ R. Harrold, New York, NY





Quite easily one of my favorite drum things I own - the ÜBER STICK CASE rocks. It's utilitarian and stylish, and the material, hardware, and construction are top notch. It's obviously designed by someone who loves this instrument because the Über Stick Case makes me want to go out and PLAY. Thank you Uberolo!”
  ~ T. Esguerra, Albuquerque, NM



"I LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you sooo much!!! I can't believe the details and quality! They are so perfect!!! I am seriously blown away  by how cool it is.”
  ~ J. Lindblad, Santa Cruz, CA





My new Überolo NYC BAG. It's absolutely fabulous and I love it and the multiple ways you can wear it! I've always had a thing for a good quality bag, and this one certainly qualifies. The leather is supple, a rich red color and it smells wonderful. (If you don't get off on the smell of leather, it also comes in "vegan" leather.) The hardware is top notch. The construction is perfect. And not only does it look great, it is so functional! It holds my iPad Air, a small practice pad, my sticks, and other essentials with plenty of room to spare. Very well packaged and I liked the tags too. Thanks, Überolo! I love my new bag.”
  ~ L. Wilson, Folsom, CA 




Video of ÜBER STICK CASE product review.
  Click HERE to watch video.
  ~ Sarah Hope/LeoLeo Band, Santa Cruz, CA






Great quality! Color and color combination was perfect. Lots of compliments on frog style buckles. Wish the waistline tucked in a bit more, but no biggie. Very nice packaging, tissue paper was a nice touch instead of plastic. Arrived in a timely manner. I check your website every couple of months to see what you've added. When another piece is released, I'll be checking it out!"
  ~ Jennifer J., Houston, TX



WOW!!! Just WOW!!!! N-I-C-E!!!! It's beautiful and already packed up and ready to go!!!
  ~ C. Cast, Los Angeles, CA